Career Options After 12th: Comprehensive Guide (2019 Update)

Career Options After 12th
Career Options After 12th

In the journey of our individual lives, there comes a juncture when we say we have reached the ‘crossroads’.

At the crossroads of our lives, we are all hardbound to make a definitive ‘choice’, a choice that would go on to define our lifestyles, a choice that would either make us prosperous or leave us penurious, a choice that mandates composure, calmness and of course, common sense.

That very juncture in our academic lives comes right after Class 12. What should I go for?‘, ‘Which course will be relevant for the entire duration of my career?‘, ‘Where can I avail the best possible courses?’, ‘What would be the right career options after 12th  – these questions wreak havoc in the inchoate, 18 – year old human mind. This is where we have to make a pivotal choice, which would go on to define our lifestyles and livelihood.

The options are varied, thereby making the choices more confusing. At this critical juncture, you are subjected to several suggestions from your family members and friends, but it’s important to figure out what ‘you’ want. It’s imperative that you know where you want to end up, and where you see yourself a few years later. Clarity of thought and sound judgment are absolutely crucial to your chances of getting it right.


So here we are, to help you in making that ‘choice’. Depending on what you had opted for after Class 10 (i.e. Arts, Commerce or Science), your choices would be neatly divided into different spheres.

Media Entertainment Sector
Media Entertainment Sector

Most around you would egg you on to be a doctor or an engineer, which speaks volumes of the pan- Indian middle- class mindset, and truth be told, that can’t be faulted. A medical or an engineering degree still holds a heavyweight status in our society, and that isn’t likely to ever change. But what if you aren’t someone who’s passionate about them? Or worse, what if you aren’t good enough for them? Does that mean your options are limited?

The answer would have been a resounding YES two decades back, but today, one one of the most promising sector is the “Media & Entertainment“. The options are too many.


Hugely prospective careers today with a background in Commerce or Arts aside, have you ever thought of a career in Animation? You might be circumspect about it at first thought, but a deeper look would tell you that in 2019, a career in animation is hugely exciting, hugely ennobling, and hugely rewarding.

Times have changed, and so should you.


Today, the world is a cradle of innovation and imagination, and nothing taps into the innovation and imagination within you as animation does. Every thriving industry today needs a sound visual medium to expand its horizons, and slick animation coupled with powerful concepts can do wonders to every business that there is today. There’s a lot to choose from – animation, VFX, gaming, web designing, advertising, video making, editing, graphics designing, flash animation, UI – UX, broadcast, digital advertising, design, and multimedia. Also, animators contribute handsomely to 3D modeling, graphics designing, and CD ROM production.

Media Segments
Media Segments

We are all movie buffs and we know how high-quality VFX creates indescribable magic on screens and makes superheroes out of ordinary people like you and me. Ambitious filmmakers from the biggest production houses today are perennially on the lookout for high-quality VFX which promises the best visual effects and can, metaphorically speaking, set the silver screen on fire.

More and more money is being pumped into the animation sector and a plethora of movie scripts have excellent animation serving as the sole backbone. If the animation fails or doesn’t live up to the desired standards, the movie would fall flat on its face. The bar has been set very high, and it would only go higher with every passing year.


If you think animation today is restricted to the entertainment sector, then think again. Today, the horizons have been handsomely expanded, and animation has found it’s a way to medicine, engineering, sales, architecture, and several other sectors.

For example, in the medical sector, doctors often used animated visuals to clients to explain how a certain surgery would be carried out, or how a body scan would be conducted.

With the help of proper animation, engineers and architects are equipped to make better two dimensional and three-dimensional designs, presentations, and sketches, which overall look more professional and commercially viable. The latest cutting edge technologies in animation can be put to use to bring the best out of engineering and architectural concepts.

In the world of advertising, animation has now become synonymous with supremacy.

The better your animated features are on screen, the more marketable and salable your product would be, as simple as that. Most advertisements we see today are products of excellent animation coupled with smart ideas weaved into the final product. Both 2D and 3D techniques are put to use in television and web-based commercials today. Yes, today as we speak, filmed advertisements are no longer restricted to television, but have made their way to the web too. The internet connectivity and mass reachability now are booming like never before. In an ever- expanding market like India with a population exceeding 1.3 billion, one sleek advertisement with exquisite animation and widespread appeal would find favor with millions across India, and billions across the globe.

Animation can be described as the art of bringing images to life with a vivid imagination. With powerful imagery and sound knowledge of the latest

technology, several lucrative career options after 12th await you.

In India, most companies primarily stress on 2D animation, 3D animation, as

well as a stop – motion animation (for example – clay animation). However, the real undisputed cash cow today in this sphere would be the ‘Gaming‘ sector. With bountiful features being sewn into several computer games with the classiest features, slickest navigation, smartest programming, and breathtaking visuals, the gaming sector is now thriving like never before. There’s absolutely no wonder that the highest paid employees from the animation industry belong to the gaming sector.


In a world that’s playing hide and seek with several permuting dynamics

Career Choice
Career Choice

every day, the animation is one career option that’s insulated from all the trials and tribulations that come with the ever-changing market scenarios. At a time when a recession has already wreaked havoc in the past and threatens to loom large anytime in the future again, a career in animation brings forth the prospect of a recession-proof career. Sturdy knowledge in animation, 3D effects, multimedia, VFX and gaming methodologies would not only secure your future as a thoroughbred professional, but it would also facilitate a scenario where your career prospects would not be impeded by fluctuating financial dynamics in the corporate sector at large.

And you don’t necessarily have to work in a big corporate house or an Information Technology giant to prove your worth, you can easily work as a freelancer who extends his services according to his own convenience, and has the option of working from the comforts of his own home.


Do bear in mind that to be an animation expert, you must be gifted with the specialized skills of vivid imagination and creativity, because if an animation is considered to be a specialized art, then the artist in you has to bring his A-game to the park every day. You should be able to distinguish between an average and good design, and good and outstanding design. Your mind must be organically bombarded with creative ideas back and forth, and you must possess the creative, technical skills to ensure that those ideas are materialized and brought to life in front of your audience.

The challenge is to possess that quintessential imagination and to learn the art of animation together.



Our institute, MAAC Thakurpukur has several animation courses on offer, where skilled teachers from animation backgrounds impart their precious knowledge to ambitious students in the best way imaginable. The courses on offer are:-

  • AD3D Edge Plus (Advanced program in 3D animation).
  • D3D (Program in 3D Animation Filmmaking).
  • DAFM (Program in 3D Animation Filmmaking).
  •  ADVFX PLUS (Advanced program in Visual Effects).
  • VFX PLUS (Program in Visual Effects).
  • COMPOSTING AND EDITING PLUS ( Program in Composting and Editing).
  • APDMD (Advanced program in Digital Media and Design).
  • DGWA (Program in Graphics, Web and 2D Animation).
  • DGA ( Program in Graphics and Animation).
  •  DGDI (Program in Game Design and Integration).
  • BROADCAST PLUS (Program in Broadcast Design).
  • VAR PLUS (Program in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality).
  • SPECIALISATION SERIES (For each specialization).
  • MAX PRO.
  • S3D.
  • DFM (Digital Filmmaking).

The courses offered are hands-on, hence, students get a taste of what to expect in the real professional world, before actually getting exposed to real-life assignments.

By the time these courses come to an end, a student builds enough confidence within himself to take real-life assignments head on, and overpower every challenge. You can go through the MAAC brochure for further details about the institute at large.


Don’t look at animation as just another professional degree, because honestly, it is not. This is one arena where you don’t have to restrict yourself to what the pages in your book command you to. Here, you have the freedom to express and exfoliate yourself as much as you desire to. There’s no limit to where you can stretch yourself, the more you learn, the better you get, and it gets amply reflected in the products you handcraft yourself. Your creative imagination molded with latest cutting edge technology is a combination as deadly as it gets, in 2019.

Animation Industry Trend
Animation Industry Trend

With animation as an industry growing at a breakneck pace and emerging as a multi-billion dollar industry today,  financial security isn’t a cause of concern for those who feel passionate about it. In fact, the scope of making it big is tremendous here, because let’s face it, this is an industry that will never stagnate, it would only keep growing. And it would never go out of fashion either. Can you imagine a world without a visual medium, be it television, digital media or the silver screen? We certainly can’t, because entertainment has now become a basic human need now!

So animation basically is one career option, which has all possible bases deliciously covered.


All said and done, we have told you enough about a career in animation, and if you need further enlightenment, we shall happily enlighten more!

We know how mind-numbing it is to choose career options after 12th and how much stress one goes through during this phase. We hope we have been able to make your job a little easier. Do reach out to us in case you need any further help or guidance from our side.


At the crossroads of your life’s journey, where you have to make a definitive choice, decide wisely.





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