Choose the Right Animation Institute in Kolkata

Choosing a good Animation Institute is a difficult task nowadays, as a lot of Animation institutes are emerging rapidly in the market.

From the current market scenario, it seems that getting your dream job is becoming almost next to impossible. Apart from the work which you are supposed to accomplish, employers are looking for candidates with overall knowledge in that particular field with hands-on experience.

However, if you are just here to learn, We welcome you to join any Animation Institute and take up any course you love. But if you are serious in making a living through a course in Animation, we encourage you to choose the right Animation course. Chances are that the Animation courses that you choose at MAAC Thakurpukur will dictate the rest of your career.

Selecting the Perfect Course for Yourself

At MAAC Thakurpukur, we have lots of ground for you to cover in our courses. We will teach you a variety of foundation courses that will serve you well for the rest of your life. Along with the software, we provide practical, hands-on training to make you job ready. The strong placement cell at MAAC assures you a secured career.

Types of Animation

For instance, there are animations which are done with a clay called Clay Animation or claymation, stop motion animation, etc.

But mainly Animation is divided into two parts:-

  • 2D Animation:- 2D animation deals with two-dimensional figures. Ideally, they
    Flip Book

    are hand drawn pictures which are given movements. Flipbook is an example of 2D Animation.

3D Animation:- As the name suggests, it deals with three-dimensional objects. Normally an image has length and breadth( ‘x’ and ‘y’ axis), but 3D has what is called as the depth or the ‘z’ axis. A simple would be a cube.

Here are the steps of 3D Animation:

Modeling: Modelling is the basic phase of animation in which models of surfaces, characters, background, props, and locations are built. There are various Animation software’s which can be used for Modelling. Some popular

A model of a deer

ones are Autodesk Maya, 3ds Max, etc. Z brush, Mud box are some of the sculpting software. These are industry standard software.

Texturing-Texturing comes after modeling, where the models are made to look realistic. Every character, props( short for properties), and the surface is modified through textures. Again there are various specialized software’s out there in the market to achieve this.

Lighting and Shading: Lighting and shading can make or break an animated clip. The shadows, lights, and all the different angles and intensities in a frame are set through lighting and shading. This is so important to animation as it creates the mood of a character, defines a particular ambiance.

The final output of the 3D model of a car with texturing, Lighting, Shading and rendering

Rigging–  This process involves putting bones inside a character and prepares it for animation

Animation: The word “Animate means to give life.This is the stage where the character is able to move.

Rendering: This is the final stage of an  Animation production pipeline. Here, we get the final output of a project.

Making a Switch in Career? Animation Might Be the Perfect Choice for You

Two decades back, people were skeptical about a course in Animation, but as societies are becoming more open-minded, a career in the creative field is not seen as a bane to your career. In fact, with its huge grown potential, in almost all varied sectors, such as medical,  engineering, etc, more and more students shift their career to do a course in Animation.


Start Your Career with the Best Animation Institute in Kolkata

With the best instructors, placement record, students support system, We can proudly say, that MAAC Thakurpukur is the best animation institute in Kolkata.

We conduct various events throughout a student’s academic life, field trips are conducted to different Animation, VFX studios, so that the students are updated about the latest trend in the Industry.

Why we claim to be Best Animation/VFX Institute in Kolkata

All our courses are certified by IVAC( International VFX and Animation Council). Our biggest reward is the students, who are placed in the industry.

VFX scene

Here are a few reasons why you should choose us:-

Experienced Instructors: We believe in quality education. Our faculties are highly experienced in their respective fields whether its Animation, VFX, Graphics, or Web. They have a lot of industry insights to share with the students thus providing a full support system for them.

Placements: We have strong placement cell with direct tie-ups with some of the top studios in like Prime Focus, Red Chilies Entertainment, Prana, to name a few. This means our students are secured with 100% placements, after completing their course.

Batches: We deliberately put students in small batches so that students get maximum attention. we understand that each student has different learning capacities, we provide 100% support to students to upgrade their skills.

All round development: Soft skills are equally important in today’s world to keep pace with the latest trends. From personality development to basics of sketching, photography, are taught to enhance creativity.

Events: We conduct several events which are globally recognized such as 24


FPS(Frames Per Second), 100 hours,where students are encouraged to make a

short movie in 100 hrs, National Students Meet(NSM), Maac Creative League(MCL) and many more.

What are the Career Options after the Course is completed?

Unlike most people think, there are way too many career options in this field of study. Depending upon whether you have done a course in Animation, Graphic Design, Web Design, Gaming, Broadcast, Augmented Reality, Virtual

Game Character

Reality or Multimedia.

The option ranges from being a Modelling artist to Motion Graphics artist, Game artist,3D Generalist, Video editor, Animator, Lighting Artist, Web Designer, Graphic Designer, compositor, VFX Artist, Texturing artist, Unity developer, Sound editor, Game engine artist and many more.

The final decision

As the world is progressing,  so are the career opportunities in the creative field. Options are too many to choose from, but in the end, we would say, do what you love the most, and the success is never-ending. All the best.





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