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MAAC offers a wide range of career-oriented courses in 3D animation, VFX, multimedia, graphic & web designing, gaming, and media & entertainment. Work with software like Adobe Photoshop™, Adobe After Effects™, Adobe Premiere™, Autodesk 3ds Max™, Autodesk Maya™, Autodesk Mudbox™, Eyeon Fusion™, Apple Final Cut Pro™, Autodesk MatchMover™ & more on our VFX course in Kolkata!

Course Overview

From browsing websites on your tablet and smartphone to buying gadgets in cool packages, we want designs that are attractive and can fit all requirements. This requires the work and talent of a graphic designer. Our VFX course in Kolkata will equip you with the necessary tools to get to the top. Graphic design is a part of your daily life. It is the creative process which combines art and technology to communicate ideas visually.

From a humble thing like a chocolate wrapper to huge things like billboards, websites, mobile apps, mobile interface and all other products & packaging, everything is the work of a designer, who makes it look attractive and communicate the idea of the client or company. Learn more about it in the best VFX institute in Kolkata – MAAC.

DGWA, a graphic design & multimedia course, covers a wider genre; from illustrating children books to design layout for tabloids, book covers, motion graphics, UI design, creative posters, traditional animation and corporate brand designs –our VFX course in Kolkata prepares you to join the ever-expanding world of print and visual media by providing you a detailed insight on graphic, web design and 2D animation.

Course Duration: 24 Months

Course Covers

  • Pre-production
  • Storyboarding
  • Cinematography
  • Basics of photography
  • Stop-motion
  • Digital design
  • Layer-based, node-based & advanced compositing
  • Clean plate & wire removal
  • Motion graphics
  • 3D design
  • Advanced particle effects
  • Cloth FX, pyrotechnics, rigid body & fluid simulations
  • Realistic digital environments & rendering techniques
  • Concepts of set extension & CG integration
  • Match moving & camera tracking
  • Stereoscopic conversion
  • Editing with FCP
  • Procedural FX workflow
  • Project – VFX shot with miniature models

Softwares to Learn

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Adobe Audition
  • Mocha
  • PFTrack
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Fume FX
  • Real Flow
  • Houdini
  • Autodesk 3ds Max
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Blackmagic Fusion
  • Silhouette
  • Nuke
  • Thinking Particles
  • Ray Fire
  • Vue

Career Options after ADVFX PLUS

  • Compositor
  • Match moving artist
  • Motion graphic artist
  • Clean-up artist
  • VFX generalist
  • Depth artist
  • Pre-viz artist
  • Paint artist
  • Camera tracker
  • FX artist
  • Matte painter
  • BG prep artist
  • Stereoscopy artist
  • Video editor
  • Roto artist
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The Right VFX Institute in Kolkata Can Change Your Life

VFX stands for Visual Effects, but if you made it this far into the web page, then you know that already. Or at the very least, you have heard about the lucrative VFX market from someone else. Thank the person who directed you to our VFX course in Kolkata, because this is your lucky day.

MAAC has long been one of the finest institutions in Kolkata that offers an awesome VFX course in Kolkata. We have earned our reputation brick by brick and with the passage of time, we have developed superb relations with the entire industry. We have access to lots of people in this field and our courses are delivered by the best.

Choosing the right VFX course in Kolkata can make you a very successful person, leading a very fulfilling life. Of course, choosing VFX as a career option comes with its own share of challenges. That is exactly where come in. Our dedicated and highly professional instructors will shape you into the best VFX expert you can be.

At MAAC, we will teach you much more than the usual VFX course in Kolkata will teach you. We train our students in current industry practices that will help improve your relations with industry giants in a great way. We will help you learn through more than just theory; we will show you how to deal with a real project.

Of course, the skills that you will acquire during the course of your VFX training in Kolkata will serve you for as long as you are in the industry. More importantly though, you will be backed by our IVAC certified courses that will open doors for you. Become internationally recognized with our VFX course in Kolkata and start shaping the career you were meant to be in.

The Best VFX Institute in Kolkata for Over a Decade

See the title? Yes, that is us – MAAC, the best VFX Institute in Kolkata for over a decade. We hate to brag, but that is quite accurate. No, we are not making it up; take a look at the testimonials we have from our students. At MAAC, we make sure to really give our all as far our students are concerned.

Any VFX institute in Kolkata will probably teach you the same software as we do. They will probably have the same course structure as we do. But at MAAC, we will show you how to take your education and turn it into productive results on a deadline.

Of the hundreds of students that have graduated from our VFX course in Kolkata, we are yet to find anyone who has not recommended our course to another student. The reasons are clear and simple – we have a secret sauce that no one else does. The fact is that we are the best VFX institute in Kolkata and we have been for a long time.

There are too many courses that come without a certification. The problem with an uncertified course is that you get limited exposure. You might be the very best VFX artist in that academy or institute. But the knowledge you gather is only as good as the samples you create. Join MAAC today – the only VFX institute in Kolkata that prepares you for real life.

MAAC VFX Course Syllabus

The VFX course in Kolkata that we offer, you get to work with some of the most advanced visual effects software in the market. This includes Mocha, PFTrack, Final Cut Pro, Fume FX, Ray Fire, Nuke, Fusion, Silhouette, Houdini, Vue, After Effects, Adobe Audition, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, and Autodesk 3ds Max. Our course syllabus is practical and equips you to deal with a wide variety of projects. Our VFX course syllabus includes all the top software in VFX and teaches you pre-production, storyboarding, cinematography, motion graphics, 3-D design, advanced particle effects, rendering, CGI, editing, and procedural workflow.

The VFX course syllabus that we provide enables our students to take up a number of career options. You could be a compositor, a video editor, or an FX artist among many other viable options.Learn digital design in a way that will enable you to change the direction of the industry. Get the best VFX training in Kolkata, only at MAAC!

VFX Course Duration and How Soon You Can Start to Earn

Truthfully speaking, the VFX course in Kolkata that we provide will enable you to start working on small freelance projects right off the bat. Of course, the money is not great because you will still be a student. The VFX course duration is 24 months at MAAC.

Simply put, after 24 months, you will start earning quite a bit and very fast. Our VFX course in Kolkata will have clients queuing up for you. We realize that this is a very enticing prospect and we also realize that a lot of students really need the money too. However, we tell all our students to first crawl, then walk, and then run.

The VFX course duration is just two years and two years is insufficient time to prepare yourself for handling a full scale project. Build a fantastic career the right way and go step by step into success. Let our instructors at MAAC teach you how to get things done quickly and effectively.

The Absolute Truth about an Advanced Visual Effects Course That People Don’t Tell You

Any visual effects course sounds exciting beyond belief. But in order to get to the exciting part, the path is fairly technical. There are lots of things to learn in a very short period of time. There is also a lot of theory that we are going to teach you to put into practice.

The most interesting part about our visual effects courses is not the software or the technology. The most interesting parts are the people you get to meet and their experiences. The unusual experiences that you will get to hear along with the uniquely innovative solutions are going to tech you lots of things regarding project handling.

The advanced VFX course in Kolkata will prepare you for the film and television industry. Another really budding environment is the web series platform. The biggest preparation that you take as a student of VFX is really just mental. The rest is just hard work over a really long period of time. By no means is VFX an easy field of work. But we can say from personal experience that it is extremely rewarding.

The VFX industry is one of the industries that has the fastest growth. In 2017, the global market reached an all-time high of $254 million in the VFX industry alone. We are the leading VFX institute in Kolkata and we have been at the forefront of this amazing industry for over a decade now. We can teach you how to tap into the market and make full use of your professional skills.

One of the most pertinent skills that you can learn from us with regards to the current market is possibly motion graphics. But this is a fast-paced, ever-changing market. Any other developments that the industry goes through will obviously come across to you because we are so well connected. The usual path that people opt for once they get a certificate from a VFX institute in Kolkata is that of a VFX artist. But in reality, we offer a lot more in terms of possibilities through our courses. These are all things that you will understand very clearly by the end of our course.

The Pre-Requisites for Success in the VFX Industry

There are some basic pre-requisites for any industry in order to be really successful. More importantly, the VFX industry is quite demanding. During your VFX training in Kolkata, you get to see things up close and learn a lot of really cool things. But what really makes or breaks your career is your ability to absorb everything and implement it. Here are the basic pre-requisites to our course:

  • An Eye for Detail : In design, as they say, the devil lies in the details. The slightest detail could ruin the entire effect. On the other hand, the slightest detail could turn your effect into something groundbreaking and revolutionary. It all depends on how well you pick up on the tiniest things.
  • The Ability to Process Quickly : This is not just a pre-requisite to our course. This ability will help you scale quickly in almost every industry. In the filmmaking industry, however, this is a mandate. You will have to turn the table on ever-increasing demands and deadlines by processing quickly.
  • Decisive Action : Art will require you to be decisive if you want to be commercially successful. The trick is to find a balance between critical acclaim and commerce. Being decisive can save projects and your career. The right way to move up is by living in the present, every moment of every day.
  • A Basic Knowledge of Jargon : We cannot help you if you if do not do your homework. If you end up in a VFX course with no idea as to what VFX is, you are in for some bitter disappointment. Get caught up on the basic jargon and we will walk you through everything else in your training period.

We pride ourselves at MAAC in being extremely exclusive. However, appearing for a premium course does not necessarily mean that you need to pay a premium amount for it. We understand that a lot of you may be in financial straits. So, we make our courses as affordable as possible while still ensuring the quality of our courses. The instructors we provide are uniquely talented and are extremely involved in the VFX industry themselves. So, we try our best to provide you with the best.

Take a step into the future of animation – it is right at your doorstep, should you wish to go on this wild adventure of a lifetime. As with any of our other courses, we guarantee placements from our VFX course in Kolkata. There is a lot for you to learn and we are going to push you as far as we can. Welcome to MAAC – Maya Academy of Advance Cinematics. We trust that you will unlock your fullest potential here with the help of our capable instructors and go on to become an incredibly successful person.

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